Professional  Video Package- 2 Video's


15 minute video introduction and candidate interview

1-2 minute headshot video

Custom graphic package

1080p HD Video

Professional Audio

Use of teleprompter

Background Music

Upload To Youtube

Place as paid advertisemnet on Facebook and other social media platforms

Video featured on "Talking Florida Politcs" candidates page 

Video  Sample/Prototypes

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Candidates On Youtube

We live in a digital world where constant communication is available and expected. Political candidates that uderstand this are poised to take advantage of very  powerful tools to reach their audience in ways never before imagined. Gone are the days where the campaign website is the digital version of a shiny brochure and an afterthought in the campaign strategy. Digital media and video are its accomplaces. 

That is why Dobson, Craig and Associates(DCA), publishers of Talking Florida Politics,  build mult-medi-rich, well thought out communications platforms that allow political candidates to speread their messages far and  wide, reach the largest audience and achieve the greatest results exerting the least amount of effort possible. Being a part of the Talking Florida Politics family, as consumers of its media team through its publisher, we provide you with the tools needed to maintain a world class web presence. Whether you are running for dog catcher or the President of the United States, this is a critical and necessary tool for getting your message out, introducing yourself to voters and to put you on the path toward victory.   

We are offering you just one more interesting way to do that, at an economy rate, which will allow you to reach new markets and new voters easily. 

Yvonne Hayes Hinson

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Gwen Graham

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Adam Putnam

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