History Shows Gillum Not In FBI Cross-hairs

A view

In America, when it comes to a black man, its usually hunt him down, hang him and ask questions later or never. It's been that way since Africans were bounded and dragged to this country for free labor; and despite decades of work to make justice work equally, we are still nowhere near that because of biases that flourish in the system itself.

Anyone will tell you that blacks are 10 times more likely to be prosecuted for the same crime than a white person.

Nowhere in the history of America, has a black man, named as a suspect in an FBI investigation that last nearly two years ....who the FBI deem to be guilty of a crime, was not arrested by now... accept for when that's not true i.e. Gillum is not a named suspect.  Actually, there is rarely any instances where a black man with only a small degree  of guilt based on just a smidgen of evidence was not charged and arrested. And in the case of Andrew Gillum,  if named as a part of an investigation ( which he is not)  and with evidence gathered in investigation that has lasted nearly two years, coupled with the fact that he  was not charged and arrested a long time ago, is the sunshine and bright light of the truth, a truth that is not politically convenient.

That truth? Whether you agree with his policy proposals or not, one thing is clear, Andrew Gillum IS NOT under FBI investigation, and he is not guilty, because if those two things were true, his black ass would have been in jail a long time ago. That's the way America rolls broh.




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