All advertising rates are net and are billed weekly unless otherwise noted on contract.

Banner ads come in two forms:

Gold slot at the top of our page, begin at a rate of $125 and is negotiable. 

Thumbnail ads (1[2x3) are positioned in the right column of the page, begin at a rate of $50 and is negotiable.


JPEG, GIF or Flash files are acceptable. If Flash is used, advertiser must also include an animated GIF of the ad to be used when a user doesn't have Flash on their computer.


Banner ad, placed at the top of the page, dimensions: 700 x 100 pixles. Thumbnail ad, right column of the page, dimensions: 220 x 152 pixles. 

30 days in advance of such changes to take place. When you submit an advertisement for publication or distribution, you and Talking Florida Politics are in agreement to abide by the policies outlined by Talking Florida Politics.


 Whe you submit and advertisement for publication or distribution, you and Talking Florida Politics  are in agreement to abide by the policies outlined by Talking Florida Politics .


(banner)* all prices are negotiable dependng on specofics of needs,

An annual rates can be paifd i installments

$75-$125  monthly

$325 quarterly

$925 Annually

 (quarter 3x4 or 4x4)

$75 Monthly

$275 Quarterly

$725 Annually


Organizations purchasing add space  must have either the company's registered URL or name in one of the frames of the ad. Talking Florida Politics will not accept advertising that do not  identify the company. The advertiser agrees that it is responsible to third parties for the content of advertisements placed. In the event that Talking Florida Politics becomes liable to any third party as a result of an advertisement, the advertiser agrees to indemnify any or all of them for damages owed to the third party and for the fees and costs associated with the controversy.


All advertising must be paid in advance by the methods provided on this page, or payment  can be mailed in the form of money order, cashiers check  or bank check made payable to : Talking Florida Politics 4005 Brandon Hill Drive , Tallahassee, Florida 32309, or (again)  paid electronically at Talking Florida Politics payment button . *If other arrangements are necessary, please alert talking Florida Politics, and we will seek a method or structure  that works .


All advertising is subject to approval from Talking Florida Politics regarding subject matter, form size, wording, illustrations, animation and typography. The publishers reserve the right to edit, reject or cancel any advertisement at any time, before or after placement. The Talking Florida Politics does not accept online advertising for massage, escort services, astrology, (900) numbers, gambling, alcohol (including beer), tobacco, tea or coffee, NC-17 or X-rated movies, or any site deemed to contain pornographic material. Talking Florida Politics  will not knowingly accept advertising for a book, motion picture or product involved in pending litigation.

For more information or questions about advertising on Talking Florida Politics please contact us at or (850) 241-5696.

To date, Talking Florida Politics record an average of nearly 3,500 unique visitors weekly, reaching more than 13,500 unique visitors per month. Advertisers can reach this potential audience by posting an advertisement on Talking Florida Politics. Why advertise with us? By doing so, your website will be linked with ours for visitors to get to your website, message and product, therefore increasing your traffic and brand awareness.. sending more business or supporters your way. This works for a business, message campaign of a political campaign.    


It's easy to place an ad. First, complete the form below, then email graphics and language to Next,  you can then make your  payment electronically. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation of your order and a phone call within 24 hrs to discuss your ad. You can pay for your Ad HERE or at the button below. We also accept checks made out to Talking Florida Politics and mailed to our Tallahassee office.  


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