By Michael Dobson

obamacare bill signing

First, this writing is a Facebook post on this writers Facebook page. Because of the discussions that followed, it was decided to share it on our blog.

Now, about Obamacare and etc:

Here is the thing, if you are really bored, go to you tube and you will see politicians who are running for President over the past 40 -50 years talk about healthcare, education and perhaps social security. Those three things, each one of the candidates. None of them had ever done anything transformational to address those issues. Obama did, and its eating folks up.. that it was him who did it. And regarding how he did it.. how he met his goal of making sure everyone had access to healthcare and would have healthcare... not just access? Well, the structure of Obama care was the only way to accomplish that. You see, in a previous life I used to be in the insurance business.. State Farm. I understand how risk pools work and how actuaries crunch numbers.

The only way we could have healthcare for all and have pre-existing conditions covered in an affordable manner is if everyone participated in the risk pool. If everyone (in some way) paid into the pool. That reduces the risk and the cost. That is also coupled with the idea that states would allow for the expansion of Medicaid to supplement the program as well. The states that allowed for the Medicaid expansion have more reasonable premium structures than states like Florida, whose governors would not expand Medicaid to help its citizens. The way Obama care is structured, it is based on the premise used in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, which Florida uses. In Florida everyone who drives has to have PIP coverage. What that does is make sure that everyone in the risk pool ( risk of injury in auto accidents) is paying into the pool, which in turn, lowers cost in the end.. and reduces the ultimate medical cost along with eliminating the need for more lawsuits. What Obama did was what leaders  talked about and tried doing for  nearly a century, and  was unable to do.. but he did it, and he did it  the only way it could have been done.

And, like Social Security and Medicaid, we will continue to work on it for many years in the future to improve it. He said as much himself when it became law. The Republicans now better understand and the American people are just going to have to get on board. Do you remember how many people died because of not having access to health care in the past, and because insurance companies would not cover pre-existing conditions, and how parents could not cover their college aged children?That's no more. Obamacare is transcendent policy. He did what no one else could do.

Another thing, while I am at it. I had newly graduated from college and was living in  San Diego California during the recession of 1982. At its height, unemployment was 12.3 percent. The world was not in a global economy to the degree it is today yet. During the last recession, if you may recall, things were so bad that people were seriously considering taking all of their money out of the bank. No president had ever had to steer a country out of a recession in a globalized economy before.. whereby when one country sneezes, the other has a cold. So, there was no road map to fixing it. No blueprint to follow. Obama was the first to have to do so. And, he actually did it. It was difficult, he had to make hard choices, take a lot of political hits that prevented him politically from getting some of his agenda passed later on, but he steered the ship clear away from a total global meltdown. He was not a perfect president. But he proved to be the president we needed during that time, with the steady hand, cerebral deliberation, and resolve. Also, he was a pretty smart guy, devoted husband and caring Dad ... a good American.


Michael  Dobson, is a long time Tallahassee based governmental relations professional and columnist; President/CEO of Dobson, Craig and Associates (aka Dobson and Associates),Chairman of Florida Voters Campaign PAC and renewable energy policy leader as founder of Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association. Can be reached at michael@michaeldobson.org or Michael@dobsonandcraig.com

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